Due to sudden changes in Indian government regulations, tens of thousands of children have been left without sponsorship for basic human needs. Nearly 750 of these children are located in the Gotlam area where Bridge of Hope India serves the community. In response to the appeal from BOH India, CBOH stepped in to support some of the children with basic services like educational support, supplementary nutrition, and health care.

This is called the Step Up Program.


We Are Growing

We are witnessing the hand of God. We started the Step-Up Program by offering support to 30 children. Thank God for His goodness. We extended our support to 50 children. From this year (2021), we are opening our arms of love to 30 more children.

We request you to pray for these souls, and do contact us if you would like to get involved to see these people step up from their difficult situations into their vast potential, according to God’s riches and glory.

Want to Help?

Interested in donating to Canadian Bridge of Hope and supporting our projects? Head on over to the Donate page to learn more about how you can change someone’s life with a simple gift.

If you have more questions, feel free to send us a message from our Contact page, email us at cboh2012@gmail.com, or give us a phone call at 403-548-0084.

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Everyone can help someone.

Help us spread the gift of hope.